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Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 621-7091

GOAL: Analyze, identify, and implement broad-based solutions in today's technical environment. I seek a role in a field that relies upon my experience in the computer industry as well as providing a path for new learning.



Operating Systems: GNU/Linux (All Versions), FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OSX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris (SPARC and x86), HP-UX, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows (All Versions).

Languages: Go, Python, Ruby, PERL, PHP, Shell Scripting.

Software: Apache Web Server, LigHTTPD, NginX, HAProxy OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, MailMan List Server, Memcached, Hadoop, Hive, MongoDB, Exim, Qmail, Sendmail, Postfix, BIND/DNS, PowerDNS, DHCP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, CVS, Subversion, Git, PXE, Kickstart, NIS, NFS, Zenoss, Nagios Monitoring Software, SNMP, MRTG/RRD Tool, Cacti, Automounter, The X Window System, SAMBA, AMANDA, Netvault, Trac, Gitlab, VMWare, Xen, KVM, LXC, OpenStack, Ruby on Rails, Cassandra, AWS/Cloud Tech.

Hardware: IBM PC and Clones, IBM RS/6000s, Sun SPARCstations, Sun SPARCservers, HP9000 Servers, Apple NetServers, Apple XServes, DEC Alpha Servers, Cyclades and Digi Terminal Servers, Foundry Switches/Routers, HP Network Printers/Switches, MultiTech Datatalkers/MultiMuxes, Cisco Switches/Routers, Cisco Load Balancers/Content Switches, Force10 Switches, F5 BigIP Content Switches, LVS, EMC Celerra Network Server.


Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA October 2013-Present
Technical Program Mananger, SRE

SugarCRM, Inc., Cupertino, CA January 2012-July 2013
VP of Systems Architecture

Mashery, Inc., San Francisco, CA October 2010-December 2011
Director of Network Operations / Systems Architect

SourceForge, Inc., Mountain View, CA June 2007-October 2010
Sr. Director of Network Operations
VA Software Corp., Fremont, CA September 2002-June 2007
Director of Network Operations
VA Linux Systems, Fremont, CA September 1999-September 2002
Sr. Systems Administrator
Xinotech Research, Minneapolis, MN April 1999-July 1999
Sr. Systems Administrator
J&B Wholesale Distributing, Inc., Saint Michael, MN April 1997-March 1999
Systems Administrator

KEGE FM, Golden Valley, MN August 1995-March 1997
Web Developer

References available upon request.